Office App is one of the fastest-growing tenant and employee experience platforms in Europe. Since 2014, we've been digitally transforming workspaces, changing the landscape of the modern office and giving office workers access to the tools, services, and perks they need to live, work, and be happy.

We believe your office space should be more than just a place to work. We believe the same thing about your job. We work hard, believe in what we do, support each other in success and failure – and have a great time doing it. Think you're a good fit? Join us on our mission to create a Happy Office Life for everyone.




Suzanne Ruigrok

Product Owner

What was your previous job?

I worked for an Industrial Manufacturer as a Project Manager.

What do you like about working at Office App?

Being a Product Owner at Office App means that every day is different and exciting. I love that I am around ambitious and hard-working people all day who all have the same goal in mind: “Ensuring a happy office life for our end-users”.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I’m not working I love to unwind and take a spinning class at Rocycle or discover new restaurants and hotspots in Amsterdam.

Valérie Kopijn

Support Operations Specialist

What was your previous job?

Customer Success Specialist at Align Technology

What do you like about working at Office App?

I really enjoy working for a tech company - we are fast and dynamic. The product that we offer is very adaptable for changes in the future too. I missed working for a startup company due to the role that you play in decision making and setting up projects yourself.

What do you do in your spare time?

Working out is what keeps me sane, I think it is fair to say that fitness is an important part of my life.

Sophie Boelen

Customer Success Manager

What was your previous job?

Online Marketing Project Manager with a main focus on the sales side.

What do you like about working at Office App?

We don't only sell our services but guide our customers towards optimal success and outcomes. We have the ability to impact the way people experience their work environment. Besides that, I really enjoy working in a fast-growing environment with a great team.

What do you do in your spare time?

In the weekends you will probably find me having dinners and drinks with friends or doing some interior shopping for my home.

Jippe Joosten

iOS Developer

What was your previous job?

I started a company where I was responsible for all the technical tools and developing the apps.

What do you like about working at Office App?

Working with a great and enthusiastic team, building an app which helps employees have a better connection with their colleagues and the office. The work is always diverse and I get the opportunity to work with all kinds of hard and software to integrate into our app.

What do you do in your time?

Playing games, having drinks or dinner with friends or family, and I'm always looking for new technologies and gadgets to play and experiment with!


  1. Happy Office Life

    You should practice what you preach! That's why creating a 'Happy Office Life'  for our team is our first priority. We offer plenty of exciting opportunities for you to learn and grow while creating your own perfect role. No worries - we also make sure you have enough time left for our legendary Friday drinks at Stan & Co 🥂.

  2. Together We Grow 

    We give everyone the freedom to take ownership of their role and responsibilities. We help each other grow by sharing our failures and celebrating our wins as a team. 💪 This way, we can create a company ready for any challenge and ready for the future. 

  3. Good Energy

    Our goals are ambitious and we like to work hard for awesome results! 🤓We do this by surrounding ourselves with great people who have a contagiously good energy. 


1. 26 Holiday Days

2. International Team

3. Competitive Salary

4. Leased MacBook

5. Long-Term Disability Insurance

6. Happy Office Life



  • Creating and providing a great Office App for every office in the world 📱
  • Opening our own Office App offices worldwide 🏢
  • Building and growing our winning team 🏅
  • Developing innovative products that professionals love to use 👨‍💻
  • Working with the biggest real estate companies 🤝
  • Starting a global Happy Office Life movement 🗣️