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Creating a Happy Office Life

We believe that people are looking for more than just a job, and for more than just a place to work. Office spaces should be personal and inspirational, where people work with likeminded people and are supported by technology that helps them getting things done. Why? So there will be plenty of time left to also have a happy life outside the office. 

Our core values

Happy Office App Life
Practice what you preach... creating a Happy Office Life for our team is our first priority. That's why we offer plenty of exciting opportunities for you to learn and create you own perfect role, but also have enough time left for you to spend doing what you like, with the people that you love.
Together We Grow
We give everyone the freedom to take ownership of their role and responsibilities. We help each other grow by sharing our failures and celebrating our winnings as a team. This way, we can create a company ready for any challenge and ready for the future. 

Good Energy
Our goals are ambitious and we like to and work hard for awesome results, but the only way to do this is by surrounding yourself with good energy. That's why we know the value of humor, getting to know each other over a beer and to overall have a lot of fun together. 

Our exciting goals:

  • Creating a great Office App for every office          in the world 
  • Opening our own OA offices worldwide 
  • Building and growing our winning team
  • Developing innovative products that professionals  love to use
  • Working with the biggest real estate companies
  • Starting a global Happy Office Life movement

Our Office App team

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